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Katarina is supporting you with love to align you with your soul’s calling

My lifelong passion for all spiritual matters (starting oracle card reading at 14) paved the way to study psychology and cultural studies in university and later sparked my shamanic training in Peru.
I am simply an explorer and can’t seem to get enough of other countries, cultures and their unique approach to life – for a year I had the chance to explore the mystical energies of Ireland – discovering leylines, and how to work with them to enhance our own and earth’s wellbeing. Then I studied a year in France to write my theses for university about spiritism. Driven by curiosity I lived for six years in Sweden working as a Career Coach supporting people finding their dream job. Now I am in the North of England enjoying the beautiful countryside as a base for my work.
Since childhood I am a Sensitive able to read energies of people – their thoughts and emotions, which inspired me to become an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher to use my gifts to support you in clearing and aligning your energies, making it easy to tap into your soul essence and the reason you choose to be here at this time.
My travels around Europe, as well as Peru and Bolivia, allowed me to increase my knowledge and ability to work with ley lines, sacred sites and the communication with spirit – with more than 160 ceremonies in the last three years I was inspired to create Infinity Essences, a unique range of vibrational essences – raising your vibration to thrive with a loving heart to enjoy all that life has to offer.
My tools include Light Language, sound such as shamanic drums, singing bowls and toning supported by Crystal Healing, and oracle cards.
I work on a one-to-one basis both online and in-person as well as teaching workshops, offering zoom calls and leading regular meditation groups.



M.A. • Psychology • Cultural Studies  Communication and Media Studies 

Career Coach  • Angelic Reiki Master Teacher • Crystal Healer • Shamanic Practitioner

Katarina Heuser | Life & Career Coaching