Transformational Healing Session – 1 hour


In one-on-one sessions you are given the opportunity to discover and release the root cause of your problems and shift the things you wish to address in your life now.

  • Align your energy field in a relaxing environment
  • Release stress, trauma, pain
  • Access your inner centre, balance and harmony
  • Access your inner wisdom through deep relaxation
  • Activate your DNA and receive sacred encodings and symbols together with light language frequencies

While harmonising your energy system I am transmitting high frequencies and channeling information from your Guides and Masters for your maximum benefit.


Whether you are looking for support on a physical level, dealing with emotions such as anxiety or wish to address a situation of a more spiritual nature I am able to help.

With my background in psychology together with my energetic awareness I am able to see the bigger picture, addressing the root cause to help solve your situation.

To receive the most beneficial treatment, practical tips and tools for your personal needs, I take your current lifestyle into account.

In a session I will clear and align all your chakras to bring harmony and an overall feeling of relaxation and wellbeing. Any blockages such as trauma, physical pain or stress, emotional upset will be gently addressed and released with ease.


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