Past Life Regression – 1 hour


Do you have an inexplicable desire to travel to a particular country or place, or the feeling of recognising a person even though you have never met before?

I can help you find out why.

In a past life session we can explore:
• Places, countries or cultures with which you have a particular link
• Behaviours or people from the past that still have an impact on you today
• Professions you may be drawn to or have a natural affinity for
• Awaken your dormant potential

You will perceive your life with a whole new perspective, able to steer in the direction of your dreams with ease and confidence.


If you are on the spiritual path, or have always been curious about the journey of your soul – I can easily traverse time and space – I am able to see your past lives relevant to you now, providing insights, resolving long standing soul issues, allowing your gifts to unfold with more ease.

It helps so much in making sense of certain behaviours, patterns and almost inexplicable desires we have, which can relate to unfinished business of the past. With this newfound awareness and knowledge you are able to soar and go beyond your wildest dreams.


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