raise your Vibration with

Infinity essences

The essences are power houses - subtle yet incredibly impactful - uplifting you and raising your vibration.

You have a broad range to suit your needs – reaching from general wellbeing to activating your Light Body, boosting your creativity or aligning with the cycles of nature. 

To easily find your perfect product the essences are arranged in five different categories:

  • Celtic Seasons
  • Tree of Life
  • Mind & Body
  • Ascension
  • Activation
outside essence creation

You can use your essence on a daily basis or when in need of that extra boost to achieve your desired outcome. If taken daily with up to 5 drops (either internally or in the bath) the essence will last you for 2-3 months.

The essence can be used for up to seven years.

Created in a unique process, which includes days of ceremonies, crystal grids and specific places in nature. The timing of their creation is carefully chosen in alignment with energetic events such as the phases of the moon, astrological alignments, solar activity and more to insure the perfect frequency for the product.

During this process one to several Angels, Goddesses or Ascended Masters are over lighting the process and their healing energy is channelled directly into the essence for long lasting effects.