Who am I?

Let's get to know one another

For almost a decade Katarina has been supporting her clients through various healing techniques.

My curiosity and passion for spiritual topics started as a small child when I asked my parents about previous life times – which was very unusual when growing up in East Germany.

Thirsty for knowledge I read Carl G. Jung as a teenager, studied astrology and began reading oracle cards at the age of 15.  It impacted on my choice of studies as well – cultural studies, communication and media as well as psychology at the University of Leipzig.

After my studies I chose to live in Sweden becoming a Career Coach while having lived and worked in four European countries already.

My lifelong passion for all spiritual matters together with my affinity for nature paved the way to my shamanic training in the Andean tradition of Peru.

My travels around Europe as well as Peru and Bolivia gave me the opportunity to explore various ley lines, sacred sites and the communication with the spirits of nature.

Since childhood I can distinguish energies and different Beings surrounding me. This inspired me to become an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive to use my gifts to offer clients a lens into the world of spirit and energy consciousness.

My tools also include Crystal Healing, sounds such as shamanic drumming, singing bowls and toning.

I work on a one-to-one basis as well as teaching workshops and offer regular meditation groups.

I have developed my own range of INFINITY Essences to raise the vibration and vitality for everyone to thrive.


M.A. • Psychology • Cultural Studies  Communication and Media Studies 

Career Coach  • Angelic Reiki Master Teacher • Crystal Healer • Shamanic Practitioner