Light Language

Explore cosmic communication

Discover the incredible healing benefits of Light Language to help you thrive and activate your soul gifts with joy. It is a gentle and highly effective way to raise your frequencies and feel uplifted.

Light Language - A New Form of Communication

Discover light encoded DNA Activations and their healing benefits

Light Language is encoded frequency transmitted in sound which bypasses the logical mind and opens your higher awareness.

It activates your DNA and assists you on a mental, emotional and physical level: raising your frequencies, and clearing your aura. It uplifts your mood right away.

You may also receive direct transmissions in visions, feelings, and sensations. Just have pen and paper ready in case you start channeling yourself – in words or sacred symbols.

In my sessions, activations and courses I channel Ascended Masters, God’s and Goddesses, Galactics and more to connect with your unique team of Guides. You receive the specific DNA codes and personal messages for your journey.

Benefits of Light Language

  • Clearing all your chakras and auric field
  • Strengthening the connection with your Higher Self (your inner truth and wisdom)
  • Helping you to connect and communicate with your guides
  • Awakening of your psychic gifts, such as channeling 
  • Effectively shifting deep trauma and physical ailments
  • Improvements are felt right away and have long lasting effects

If you wish to experience Light Language

In the video above I present energetic updates and the Light Language transmission starts at minute 10:48.

Cosmic Communication

Light Language can be expressed in different ways for each channel – for me it presents in speaking various cosmic dialects and through healing frequencies, signs and symbols of my hands.

It can also show up as written symbols, sacred geometry and a variety of colours. Each transmission is individually tailored and multi-dimensionally encoded.

The beauty of light language is its timelessness. You can listen to it multiple times to raise your frequencies, cleanse your home or simply enjoy the shifts in your energy field.

In a session, I connect with your unique team – the light language varies to provide you with the matching frequencies and DNA codes. It also awakens your psychic abilities and hidden talents. 

When you participate in a course or activation with me, you will find that the guides align with you directly and provide you with personal guidance and insights while activating your DNA.

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