Join Me


13.09. Time for you - £45

A Day of Relaxation and Rejuvenation - SUNDAY, 13th September, 10 AM - 2 PM @ Dilston Physic Garden, NE45 5QZ

In these eventful times, it's a great opportunity to relax and simply receive.

In the tranquil surroundings of Dilston Physic Garden, I will guide you through a gentle meditation connecting you with your inner center of peace and serenity to let go of all that has been on your mind.

During our time together you will learn gentle techniques for instance protecting your aura from other people's emotions and navigating these times with more ease so you may thrive.

Amongst others, I will also incorporate crystals that help you feel nurtured, relaxed, and at ease.

Moreover, you will also receive a personal healing or alternatively a mini reading to increase your wellbeing, vitality and sense of purpose.

I welcome you to a day of wellness and relaxation.

20.09. Equinox Stargate activation - £19

EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC OF THE EQUINOX - SUNDAY, 20th September, 5 PM UK; 6 PM Central Europe, 12 PM EST; 7 AM Hawaii, Zoom

This is a fantastic chance of a once in a lifetime acceleration: leading up to the solstice all ancient Stargates are being activated for the first time in thousands of years.

So for those of you who feel called to participate in this grand orchestra join us for the Equinox Stargate Activation.

We are going to connect with our star lineage, ancient wisdom keepers and guides as well as various sacred sites worldwide.

You will receive activations of your DNA, bringing ancient memories alive, connecting you with your team of guides, and supporting you with your personal mission.

Experience light language activations, a sacred journey in a beautiful circle of starseeds, lightworkers, gridworkers, and gatekeepers helping our planet to raise into 5D and beyond.

You will also receive information re the current energetic dynamics, sharing tips for transitioning timelines and anchoring your higher light.
A day prior you will get specific information to prepare yourself to receive the maximum benefit as well as access to the zoom link.

For all participants: You can either join live or receive the reply. The audio and video files will be sent out to you after the event so you can enjoy the activations at any time you are looking to be uplifted and energised.

TIMES: 12.00 PM - EST 10.00 AM - MST 05.00 PM - UK 06.00 PM - Central Europe