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12-12 Activation December 2019 - £11

ACTIVATE YOUR DIVINE CODES DURING THE 12-12 PORTAL - Thursday 12th December, 5 pm, UK - 12 noon EST, Zoom

The time for your greater Awakening has come: your dormant codes of THE SISTERHOOD OF THE ROSE are ready to be fired up – birthing a new age as Keepers of the Earth, receiving greater clarity about your soul’s purpose whilst clearing your entire energy field and upgrading you for the 2020 timeline.

Seven years after the collective ascension decision 2012 we are now seeing and experiencing the changes we set into motion back then.

This year is yet another 12-12-12 combined with the Gemini Full Moon propelling us into higher expressions of ourselves supported by the collective consciousness of the Magdalene's and the Sisterhood of the Rose - Giving Full Expression of your own Divine Feminine.

With light languages, toning and channeling you will receive the codes for your next level, further insights as well as healing.

I will hold the ceremony surrounded by a big crystal grid as an amplifier for all participants and anchoring the energies into the Earth Grid. Join me online for the zoom call on the 12-12 at 5 pm UK time, 12 noon Eastern time for a magical circle of powerful energies and activations for all participants.

The entire zoom call will be recorded, so if you cannot join live you will receive the link to the recording.

Make 2020 a magnificent year and step into all of who you are with ease and grace.

Please pay here and don't forget to include your email address when sending the payment as you will receive further information prior to the call.

11-1-2020 ACTIVATION JANuary 2020 - £13

HALLS OF AMENTI - Tap into your MASTERY - Saturday 11th January 2020, 5pm, UK - 12 noon EST, Zoom

Join me on the day before the Jupiter Saturn Pluto Conjunction, which is said to be "a mind-blowing sound of change. This is the energy shifter of all energy shifters. This has only happened twice in the last 2000 years".

Come into alignment on this auspicious day when tapping into the Akashic Records of your soul.

Any dynamics, remaining contracts that still play out in your present life will be cleared through a dispensation of higher frequencies and activating your higher cosmic and New Earth Codes.

This is a portal of soul mastery and Higher-self embodiment.

Get ready with the online zoom call during the 11-1 portal at 5.00 pm Uk time and 12 noon Eastern time for a transformational experience.

Usher in your ability to express your unique signature in this life time with joy and abundance while aligning yourself with the highest trajectory on January 12th.

The entire zoom call will be recorded, so if you cannot join live you will receive the link to the recording.

22-2-2020 TWINFLAME PORTAL - £13

TAP INTO PASSION AND INNER ALCHEMY - Saturday 22nd February, 6 pm UK - 1pm EST, Zoom

The year of 2020 is a new beginning on all levels and areas of life - aligning all aspects of Self into a new expression and to harmonise your divine male and female energies.

In this transformative call the Twinflame Fire Codes will be activated through an energetic force field that will both strengthen the connection to your Twinflame, manifesting the joint purpose you both committed to express in this life time - either together or on your individual journeys.

Through light language, tonings and the expanded consciousness from higher realms you will access your soul family and tribe here so you can life live to the fullest and have all easily accessible at your fingertips - time to manifest AMAZING everything.

The entire zoom call will be recorded, so if you cannot join live you will receive the link to the recording for your personal use.

Tap into the well of love, support and joy in a circle of ancient magic, mystery and new levels of Mastery. We are here to transform the world in love - manifesting heaven on earth.