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20.03. EQuinox GATeway - Anchor Light waves - £13

ANCHOR THE LIGHT WAVE TO MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS - FRIDAY, 20th March 5 pm UK; 12 noon EST; 7am Hawaii, Zoom

Are you ready for spring? Let’s anchor these lightwaves and utilise the frequencies to kick-start spring with joy.

This Equinox Gateway presents us with a wonderful opportunity to open up to the lightwaves of joy, excitement and higher wisdom to manifest abundance in all areas of our live.

Living on New Earth means shifting, accelerating and releasing any deeply buried programs. After the intense clearings, shedding of old skin and releasing of the last couple of months - it's Now time to step into the new You.

Time to celebrate all the momentous alterations of our inner and outer reality.

Many of us have received new service roles, new ways to show up - so let’s come together and make it real - sharing your vision, your inspirations!

Your heart desires, your intentions and offerings are now being brought into the physical manifestation with these heightened frequencies.


Your team of Guides and Masters are standing ready to support you in this monumental shift!

Join us on March 20th at 12 noon EST, 5pm UK and 7am Hawaii.

During this call, you will receive activations, light encoded frequencies and connect with your team of Guides. Afterward, you will have time to share your experience and receive personal guidance.

Even if you can not join us live - everyone will receive the video and audio recording after the Zoom Call via email. So you can tap into the energies anytime you wish.

22.03. Castlerigg EQUINOX CELEBRATION - £15 cancelled DUE THE QUARANTINE

CELEBRATE THE EQUINOX IN THE SPIRIT OF OUR ANCESTORS - SUNDAY, 22th MARCH 2020, 11am - 2pm, CA12 4 Castlerigg Stone Circle

This Spring Equinox holds the energy of rebirth with the incoming cosmic frequencies opening a portal to New Beginnings like never before.

Castlerigg Stone Circle is an ancient place of power and connection due to the crossing of major leylines in this sacred circle - a perfect time and place for celebrating the Spring Equinox and giving thanks to Mother Earth.

You will experience a ceremony in the spirit of our ancestors, honouring this sacred passage of the Celtic Year and harnessing this beautiful opportunity to start spring with joy and inspiration in a circle of like-minded people.

As part of the ceremony, each one of you will receive a unique attunement with light language, healing, and sacred symbols to support you on your spiritual path and prepare you for this special year ahead - clearing any obstacles and paving the way for new and exciting opportunities.

Join us at Castlerigg Stone Circle on Sunday, 22nd March at 11 am. Car parking facilities are directly at the site.

If weather permits we gather afterward for a pick-nick or go to a nearby place for coffee and tea.


LEARN TO COMBINE THE POWER OF CRYSTALS WITH REIKI - Saturday 18th April, 10 am - 2 pm at Dilston Physic Garden, NE45 5 Corbridge

Amplify and strengthen your Reiki healing, whilst increasing the wellbeing of yourself and your clients.

Be inspired to create new ways to make your home a sacred safe space, learning special techniques with crystals combined with Reiki to enhance the protection and wellbeing in your home and working environment.

Bring 3 crystals along to start off your new toolkit. You will also be able to purchase crystals for your own specifically attuned chakra crystal set.

So why not use the healing power of crystals together with Reiki creating gentle yet powerful healing results for yourself and your clients.

This course is for all with reiki level 1 and beyond or similar energy-based healing techniques.

Tea and Coffee will be provided and you will have time after the event to enjoy the beautiful Dilston Physic Garden to ground your energy, relax and charge your crystals.