Discover the Transformative Power of Light

Every time you wish to feel refreshed, aligned & uplifted simply listen or watch the video transmissions. These activations are timeless & multi-layered serving you whenever you need them.

Activations with the
Power of Light and Sound

These Activations are designed to support you to accelerate your journey and manifest your dream life.

All the transmissions are video recorded so that you see the signs and symbols as well as the sounds, receiving the maximum benefit of the higher dimensional frequencies. 

Simply take a couple of deep breaths, relax and receive the transmissions. You will instantly feel lighter, uplifted, and revitalised ready to go!

For best results you can use your loudspeaker in the centre of your room surrounded by crystals – they will hold and amplify the energies during the transmissions. 

You can also charge your water or cleanse your home with the sound activations – simply by playing it in the room you which to cleanse. Your creativity knows no limits.

Discover The Transformative Power Of Light Language​

I invite you to explore the light transmissions. You will discover that your own gifts are awakening in the process.

Tips to receive the maximum benefit from the Light Language Transmissions

I suggest you take a couple of gentle breaths, connecting with your body and grounding your energies.  You may wish to hold your hands over your heart chakra while listening to the transmissions.

The more aligned you are with your body the more you can feel the effects right away. 

You can also incorporate it in your daily practise – setting your intention for the day while listening to the light transmissions. It will  enhance your flow and magnify your manifestation.

In times when you are stressed or in need of an alignment – simply take a few deep breaths and listen. The frequencies are shifting your overall energy levels, clearing your auric field, and aligning you with your Higher Self instantaneously.

You will find you are more present and can easier handle what’s ahead of you.