Discover the Transformative Power of Light

Every time you wish to feel refreshed, aligned & uplifted simply listen or watch the video transmissions. These activations are timeless & multi-layered serving you whenever you need them.

Activations with the
Power of Light and Sound

These online courses are designed to support your journey manifesting your dream life

The Online Courses are filled with an abundance of unique light code transmissions

These special courses are created during auspicious cosmic alignments with teachings, and insights from my guides in the first part followed by intriguing questions from the audience. 

The healing journey later takes you to ancient sacred sites, unlocks your special gifts and awakens your DNA. 

You receive an abundance of highly unique codes from Ascended Masters, Galactics, Gaia and many more.

You will find you are more present and can easier handle what’s ahead of you.

cosmic Co-Creations

Align With Higher Light, Love And Power

Discover The Transformative Power Of Light Language​

You find that your own gifts are awakening in the process…

All the transmissions are video recorded so that you see the hand signs together with the sounds for your maximum benefit.

You will instantly feel lighter, brighter and ready to go!

You can also incorporate them in your daily practise – setting your intention for the day while listening to the light transmissions. It will  enhance your flow and magnify your manifestation.

You can also charge your water or cleanse your home with the sound activations – simply by playing it in the room you which to cleanse.

Step into your full power

Discover My Activations of Light