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In these transformative courses, you can tap into your psychic & intuitive powers to explore your full potential. With the up close and personal setting, you receive direct guidance from me throughout the courses for your maximum benefit.


Activate The Christ Consciousness Within you

Cosmic Christ Series

A New Offering

Part 1 March 24th, Sunday 2024 – ZOOM

Part 2 April 28th, Sunday 2024 – ZOOM

Part 3 May 26th, Sunday 2024 – ZOOM

Are you ready for an extraordinary upgrade? My team of guides steps forward to share with you all the new teachings, and much more advanced frequencies so you can align your lifestream with the New Earth.

Anchor the next level of Cosmic Christ Consciousness and connect directly with your own Stargate to the Galactic Centre and beyond. 

For you, on the forefront of humanity's conscious evolution, you receive the latest tools, codes and insights to manifest and create in this ever-expanding New Earth realm.

It is designed to support your energetic advancements together with your personal environment - your home, family and workplace. Creating a harmonious field for all to flourish and expand together with joy.

In this series, you receive Cosmic Christ Conscious Initiations directly from various Ascension Masters, Archangels and the Divine Director.

This includes the awakening of your Godseed which enhances your kundalini flow, clears ancient blockages of the Old Earth and setting you free to explore your highest potential in the New Earth. 

Each series is overlighted by a dedicated Ascension Guide - such as Ashtar Command, Lord Melchizedek and the Divine Director together with various twin flame couples to provide you with the highest Divine Templates available at this time on Earth both for the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. 

Teachings and topics for this series

Part 1 - Accessing your Multidimensional Soul Akash

Part 2 - Anchoring Oneness

Part 3 - Opening the Stargate of your Heart

As Jeshua and Mary Magdalene anchored the pathway of 'as above, so below' now is the time to bring forth 'as within, so without'. A new way of heart resonance in harmony with all that is connected to the Galactic Core and beyond.

Discover the origins of your soul, may that be an angelic background, interplanetary or earth-aligned and receive your unique soul codes to expand your consciousness in a whole new way.

In the teachings, you learn new ways to protect and enhance the vibration in your home with sacred geometry, candles and new invocations that support you with your increasing frequency.

Your light body will receive the upgrade from your Merkabah structure into a star tetrahedron, which is not only anchored in your auric field yet also deeply embedded into your cellular structure throughout the series.

Moreover, we are weaving the four directions together into ONENESS. From the Celtic wisdom teachings to the Buddhistic interconnectedness of all life to the sacred understanding of the Natives caring for Gaia, together with the Essene in their deep awareness of the Christ Consciousness and Oneness.

You will experience

  • Encounter & read your multidimensional Soul Akash
  • Grail Initiations with various twin flames from different realms providing you with ever-expanding codes
  • Clearing ancient blockages of the 'Old Earth'
  • Activate your multidimensional Ascension Stargate of the Heart
  • Anchor your New Ascension Light Body directly in your cellular structure
  • Weaving all your timelines into a singular one
  • Direct Transmissions from various Twin flame couples
  • Godseed Awakening & Kundalini flow giving you access to Divine Source Energy
  • Soul Signature Encodements from your Monad
  • Crystalline codes rewrite your DNA for your wellbeing
  • You will learn to harness your energy in a whole new way
  • Align your life, home and family with the New Earth for all to flourish
  • Strengthen your energetic presence to maintain your frequency whilst interacting with the 'Old Earth'

In this process, the team of guides support you over these three months and deepen your connection with Spirit. You discover and connect with your Ascension guide and various Masters, collective Consciousness such as the Venusians and Golden Solar Light Beings together with your own galactic 'home'.

For all participants

You can either join live or enjoy the replay at a convenient time for you. The audio and video files will be sent out after the live event so you can dive into the activations anytime. The duration is approximately two to three hours for each date.

Find your time zone

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An Online-Retreat For Your Wellbeing

The Divine Feminine Codex
Discover Who You Truly Are

Do you hear the call of the Divine Feminine rising? It might be a whisper or a strong desire to fully break free from past limitations and be YOU!

In the 3 modules, you access your gifts and become confident to express yourself authentically. You will release what limits you to gently expand into your higher self.

Now is your time to stand in the fullness of who you are, also multi-dimensionally. It's a celebration and unification of all your gifts and skills to share with the world.

This course includes more than five hours of teachings, insights and tools. You can access all the material in your own time with lifetime access on Cademy.

You also experience three activations to heal, clear and activate your power. Moreover, you receive channellings from over 15 Goddesses guiding you on your path, tips for further research and much more...

The three modules include:

  • Mystery teachings from Isis, Hathor and Lady Venus
  • Teachings from Sekhmet, Pallas Athena and Mary Magdalene to stand in your own power and release outdated paradigms
  • Selene, the Goddess of the Moon shares her insights to get in touch with your own sensual side, your feminine gifts and skills
  • Tips, tools and channellings from over fifteen Goddesses to embody your uniqueness
  • Get to know your personal Goddess that wishes to support you now

The activations include:

  • Profound soul retrievals of long-lost aspects of yourself
  • Deep shifts and healings for yourself and your ancestral lineage
  • Awakening of the magical potential of your ancestral lineage
  • Incredible connections to your divine feminine essence and the courage to embody it now with love and joy in your heart
  • Activations of your unique intuitive & psychic gifts
  • A special attunement by Jeshua & Mary Magdalene
  • Codes of Divine Feminine Power, confidence, courage, love and forgiveness

You are about to go on a multidimensional journey to discover your uniqueness throughout time and space. The course also includes inspiration to create the perfect ambience with music, sounds and sacred incense for your journey.

Explore your new role as a woman and discover your special purpose in this lifetime by being you!



Good To Know

General Information For Your Booking

Once you have booked your course you receive a confirmation email which gives you lifetime access to all the course content. 

Moreover, you receive additional information to dive deeper into the content whenever you wish. 

I look forward to exploring your uniqueness with you!

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