Explore Gentle Transformation – 1 Hour Session


With my team of guides I hold space for you, whatever you wish to dive into. You can receive deep soul insights, the latest energetic light codes and deep healings, while gently releasing what no longer serves you.

These topics give you an idea of what you can explore with me:

  • Channeled Reading
  • Exploring your Soul Gifts & Past Life’s
  • Level Up
  • Nurturing Healing
  • Connect with your Guides
  • Deep Cleanse & Shift

Each session is video recorded so you can tap into the light language transmissions and insights anytime you wish.

I look forward to supporting you!


In each session, I also connect with your energies, including Light Language Activations to shift any blockages, heal your body and align your field for your maximum benefit.

What clients share

“Thank you for this most powerful healing. Your insights helped me to see this issue from a higher perspective and your connections to the higher realms were evident in your words. I felt the truth of these revelations in my body, mind and soul.” Melinda T., United States

I believe Katarina has started me on a journey of new experiences and a deeper connection with life. Thank you so much.” Kerri F., UK

Words can’t express how life-changing it is working with Katarina. The depth, guidance, and wisdom she shares are beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. I went from being confused and overwhelmed, to feeling like a whole new person ready for everything life has to offer. She helped me reconnect with myself, my gifts, and my purpose, in the most loving and powerful way.
I’m so incredibly grateful for her ❤️”, Jennifer U., Canada

It was indeed profound, and I can’t thank you enough!!!” Kim B., Germany

Thank you for this session. You’ve given me so much insight & information into all of the stuff I haven’t remembered how to access myself yet. The healing was so very powerful. I actually feel very different now – all of my aches & pains have gone and I feel recharged again. Thank you so much.” Cath C., UK


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