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Autism and Quality of Life

When I met Andrew the first time he was shy, withdrawn and unable to look me in the eye or hold a conversation with me. He simply wanted to be supported and we arranged for energy sessions to begin with.

After several treatments Andrew offered me his medical records to get insights into his various medical issues. He has been seeing many therapists both for his physical as well as mental and emotional wellbeing over the years.

Ever since a very young age he received treatments to develop his motor skills and general development. Andrew’s loving and caring parents were doing all in their reach to help him flourish.

School was difficult on many levels and connecting and interacting with peers proved to be challenging all throughout his life. Only later Andrew agreed to be tested for autism as he didn’t wanted to be ‘classed’ or ‘labelled’ but simply be accepted for whom he is.

Step by step we built up trust in one another, an understanding that all humans are special in their own way. We defined my role initially only to be an energy therapist without any further discussions involved. With the increase of trust Andrew started to share with me upsetting interactions with others, whilst I was providing him a with a form of ‘translation’ of what the other person is trying to communicate.

Part of my role then turned into teaching Andrew how to ‘read’ people and their behaviours. He had difficulties relating to others emotional reactions and why they occurred. For him the way people are expressing themselves and asking indirect questions in order to read between the lines is very confusing as his own communication is very literal and direct.

I often find that people with Autism, Asberger or ADHD are energetically evolved and therefore respond quickly to energetic treatments. They often have more difficulty with the physical aspect of reality. Therefore I support the harmonisation and interaction of both sides of the brain, which as a result helps improve the motor skills and overall sense of wellbeing.

It is so wonderful to see the continuous improvements for my client. Andrew is now willing and able to interact with people he barely knows, which is a huge step from being the one who wasn’t able to have eye contact nor express himself at our first encounters.

Seeing him coming out of his shell and starting to enjoy life, other people and expanding his experiences is so wonderful to behold.

He now travels with greater ease, enjoys going on holidays and he is generally in a much happier place. Through sharing practical tools to handle emotions and other challenging situations Andrew is developing self confidence as well as considerably reducing his prior high stress levels.

“Hello Katarina, just to say thank you so much for all the help and support it’s makes such an amazing difference – it feels like I am transformation myself into a very special world/place where I feel so safe. Thank you.”

The names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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