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Weight loss and much more

Jennifer came with her partner to my regular meditation classes to improve her well being and promote relaxation in order to help with her weight issues.

To her own surprise already in the first meditation class Jennifer was able to go very deep, relax and expand. Being psychic herself she could perceive the energies and their effects during the meditation. Intrigued and fascinated she started to come regularly. In time she booked healing session as well as being overweight had become a severe physical issue as well as emotionally difficult to handle. She had developed diabetes, cysts in her ovaries and asthma.

Through the course of various sessions, the meditation classes and conversations a trusting relationship developed – unravelling bit by bit the reasons for the overweight: traumatic experiences that had not been able to be dealt with such as abuse, loosing her best friend and later loosing a parent amongst others. Also having psychic abilities from a young age made her feel stand out and often the reactions of others have been dismissive making her feel misunderstood most of her life.

Coming regular to the meditation classes and getting to know like minded people who value her abilities and being on a similar wavelength are part of the newfound motivation, igniting the zest and desire to fully participate in life again.

Due to Jennifer’s psychic awareness she thoroughly enjoys the energetic part of the session – seeing the shifts in energy, the beings present and having newfound connections to the angels herself. All of it is contributing to understand and release the traumas – it is ok to let go and release the feelings of guilt, shame and isolation caused by the various experiences of the past.

As part of her growth, the new relationships, trusting her own abilities she also looks at herself and current lifestyle. Jennifer is admitting her part of being overweight and taking responsibility rather then only looking for outside causes such as wrong medications.

This is the turning point to create healthy and long lasting changes – going from denial to acknowledgment and then taking action accordingly.

Being such a kind and caring person she always uplifts everybody not showing any sign of problems she has herself. Part of my role was showing Jennifer ways of expressing herself, learning to put herself first and that her well being matters. ‘It is ok for my needs to be expressed.’

Moreover we looked at the situations when it seems so much easier to give into food rather than dealing with the emotional turmoil behind it – for her listening to a short meditation, going for a quick walk or drumming are ways of addressing the emotions swiftly.

Jennifer is such a beautiful soul starting to discover her own beauty, self worth and recognising the positive impact she has on so many people’s lives.

Within a few months of sessions, regular attendance of the meditation classes and putting all the tips into action the asthma has gone, the diabetes is fully regressing and the cyst has disappeared all of this much to the amazement of her doctors whom she has seen for many years. Meanwhile she is now losing the weight able to stick to the medical diet for the first time.

The names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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