Physical issues, coaching and spiritual awakening

Matthew came to see me simply to inquire about a crystal that was given to him. Discussing the meaning of it lead to a conversation about synchronicities, choices in life and much more. Intrigued by our initial contact he phoned me to book his first ever energy based treatment even though he was very critical to begin with. His girlfriend on the other hand was seeing mediums for readings and going to spiritual development classes.

In the first session I worked on clearing and aligning all his chakras to increase his vitality as he had mentioned being drained and exhausted.

Matthew was surprised by his experience of the treatment as he was seeing colours and felt shifts in his body. He was able to relax and calm his mind for the first time in many months. At the time Andrew was managing his own company, having several employees and felt the weight of responsibilities.

Surprised by the positive results he arranged for another session. When he came to see me he was excited about his renewed energy levels and started to share more. He is very inquisitive and curious, staying up late at night, driving in his car near the coast enjoying the tranquillity and atmosphere. As part of that he also took a variety of drugs to expand his experiences in psychedelic ways as well as to ease his stress levels.

Matthew now shared these experiences with me and expressed his concern that he is dramatically losing weight even though he is eating a lot and exercising regularly in the gym.

After inquiring further about it – it seemed to co-relate to a particular prescriptive alternative drug he once took and been changed ever since. He also briefly mentioned that he was having suicidal thoughts ever since taking the drug – like another voice telling him what to do.

Matthew had already seen various medical professionals to find for cause for his extreme weight loss and suicidal thoughts but they were unable to identify anything wrong with him.

During the session I fully re established his entire energy body, clearing all astral distortions, which can occur when taking drugs.

Matthew felt the shift immediately – ‘Katarina you won’t believe it but I have my body sensations back, I can breathe more deeply and feel like I am back again after a long time away.’

What a delight and relief since his physical wellbeing was greatly impacted by the energetic distortions, which were caused by the use of this particular drug. Matthew felt these shifts taking place and could immediately feel the difference from not ‘believing in this kind of stuff’ just days before.

We arranged that he would get in touch during the next a couple of days to see how he is integrating the changes. It was so wonderful to see him smile and the sparkle in his eyes returned that day when he left.

I also researched, if other therapists came across similar issues after taking that specific drug. As it turned out it was a common ‘energetic reaction’ to this particular drug and it was suggested to specifically work with the feet – both with salt baths to improve the detoxification of the body followed by the application of specific essential oils – Black Pepper and Ginger to increase the blood circulation.

Two weeks after the last session Matthew came to see me again. He looked so much better, vibrant and relaxed. I had texted him the suggestions straight away and he reported that it helped him not only physically but mentally knowing he can help himself with such simple tools.

After the check his energy had fully cleared and returned to a harmonised state. This session stabilised and strengthened his energy body further while aligning body and soul for his optimum wellbeing.

Moreover Matthew reported that all suicidal thoughts have disappeared. Being so happy about his newfound energy levels, awareness and tools he recommended me to his girlfriend as well.

When she came to see me we addressed her personal situation and the relationship – learning to be open to one another and finding new ways of communicating in challenging situations. She was thrilled with the changes both for herself as well as her boyfriend and she inspired her entire family members to see me. Dealing with a family as a whole enabled all involved to see, accept and then let go of long standing family dynamics, ancestral patterns and creating new ways to relate to each other.

Matthew kept in touch and sent me pictures of all his adventures with his renewed joy, thriving in his business and deepened bond with his girlfriend whom he now understood more then ever being able to relate to her spiritual side as well.

The names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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